ArtDayJob.com was created to help people learn more about art and to make some income from their art. This may come in the form of direct sales to individuals or companies, or through other tactics like affiliate links, classes, video tutorials, or something else creative that you think of.

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Author, artist, and pizza lover.
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My goal is to help you market your art as a business so you can do what you love and make enough money from it to survive and feed your family.

This is also my goal with this website. We are filling it with helpful written, video, and linked content to help you accomplish anything you want to with your art.

Our main interests are line drawings, watercolors, logos and icons, landscapes, seascapes, and large-scale prints and paintings for hotels other businesses, and private collectors.

We’ve been inspired countless times by artists like David Cho, Jim Rawlinson, Diane Rome Peebles, Monet, Picasso, Gauguin, Van Gogh, and even some of the talented YouTube artists of our day.

We love learning new art skills and we’re constantly learning, so we’ll share everything with you as we go through the process

Vern Lovic, Artist Bio

I have been a photographer and graphic designer for over two decades. I have only recently decided to explore the artistic side by hand-drawing illustrations and images of landscapes, people, and objects I find interesting.

I tend to reinvent myself when faced with massive change. COVID took away some good online income streams and it’s time to start over. I figured why not REALLY start over and go into a completely new direction? I’ve always LOVED ART and yet I rarely was under any illusion that I could someday produce great art. That has changed, with some recent successes and I’m motivated to begin 2023 in this entirely new direction.

Digital and pen/paper drawing.

Here’s an abbreviated Biography of activities related to art, graphic design, photography, and video.

1987-1990. Photographer and Slide Duplication Tech at a Custom Color Photo Lab (Lamont’s). New York City, New York.

1998-2000. Digital Artist and Webmaster. Specialized Solutions, Tarpon Springs, Florida.

2001 to Present. Digital Artist creating logos, photography, illustrations, and video for internet businesses we own. Tampa, Florida and now Krabi, Thailand.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been very involved in building, writing, and designing online businesses we usually sell after a couple of years. Beginning in 2010 I created more than 30 book covers for books at Amazon (self-published).

Prior to 2023 all artistic endeavors consisted of creating web graphics using Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Microsoft tools, Mac-OS Photos and Preview apps, GIMP, CorelDRAW, Gravit Designer, Final Cut Pro, and lately Adobe’s Lightroom.

Vern Lovic
Artist Extraordinaire. Or something.
YouTube: ArtDayJob