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Girl taking selfie in a mirror.

New Style Digital Artwork from Teen Artist – Mali Lovic

My daughter, Mali Lovic, is often found working on one of the digital art creation tools on her iPad Pro. I asked her yesterday if she had anything to share and she sent me this one. I was a bit surprised because it doesn’t have near the level of detail that she typically adds to … Read more
A robot painting a large mural of a palm tree and bamboo.

Top 10 Essential Skills for Aspiring Artists in 2024 | ArtDayJob

The state of the art field for beginners trying to break into the field and make a living of it is both challenging and exciting! Below, I’ll cover some of the challenges and opportunities that exist for all of us who are trying to become a paid artist. Challenges for New Artists in 2024 Opportunities … Read more
AI produced art - a UFO in the shape of an Alien Head.

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Going to Ruin Artists’ Careers?

Yes. That’s the answer. AI, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), is going to eventually ruin the entire space. Some are optimistic and will only say it’s going to change the space. Yes, change it for sure. Like turning it upside down. Just like ChatGPT, Gemini, and some other AIs can do with music – create songs … Read more
Girl walking in ocean at Ko Samui, Thailand for a stock photography shoot.

Money Matters: Why Photographers are Switching to Art Careers

Making money as an artist is even more rewarding than with photography! Many photographers and artists are considering making the switch from photographer to artist this year. There are many kinds of photographers and artists and finding common ground may not be as hard as you think. We cover the pros and cons of a … Read more
Fish sticker art - pompano fish.

Case Study – Fishing Art for Profit

From Stickers to Portraits – The Journey of a Fishing Artist In this exciting world of art, where new ideas and creativity are always changing the scene, there’s an artist who has found a special way to mix her love for fishing with her art skills. This artist, I’ll call her “Marina Blue,” because she … Read more
Monkey sittong on stool painting a Picasso masterpiece as an exercise to learn more about painting with the iPad and Procreate.

12 Best Procreate Drawing Exercises to Improve Crucial Skills

One of the best things you can do for your art career is to learn the tools you have available to you on Procreate device. There are more than 200 brushes available on the app, but there are millions of settings combinations you can use for each brush. It’s ludicrous, I know, but if you … Read more
Beezlebub Eating Red Moon Watercolor

Top 10 Art Challenges to Dramatically Boost Creativity

Introduction Many of us are stuck. We don’t product interesting art. Maybe we did in the past, maybe we never have. Maybe we are uninspired. Maybe we’re burnt out. Maybe we just don’t see a way out of our lack of creativity. Here’s are 10 exercises that will help you break out of your rut … Read more
Watercolor painting of Diamond Head Volcano in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

How to Price Your Artwork – Tips Every New Artist Needs

Why Is Pricing Your Art Correctly So Important? One problem nearly every artist has is learning to price their art correctly so it sells in the market you’re targeting. Price your artwork correctly and you can make sales right away. Choose the wrong price over and over and it can be months or years before … Read more
Marble statue by Michelangelo in museum.

Beyond the Reach of Robots – Art Styles Humans Do Better than AI

I really been thinking a lot about what kind of art styles will not be taken away by artificial intelligence like chat GPT, Gemini and Dolly. I’m thinking about art styles humans do better than AI because my daughter is really interested in becoming an artist and she is only 14 years old. Should we … Read more
3 female cartoon characters by Mali Lovic. © 2024 Mali Lovic.

Should Children Choose Art as a Career in 2024?

We have a 14 year old. She has really taken to painting, drawing on paper with pencil, pen, or markers, and using the iPad drawing programs. She’s quite good and wants to choose art as her career that she does for the rest of her life. Should we encourage her in art based on the … Read more
Some amorphous monkeys playing around in Van Gogh like bamboo.

Is It OK to Copy an Artist’s Work? | ArtDayJob

Copying another artists’ work and trying to pass it off as your own, or not crediting the original author of an artwork you are displaying in your book, on a website, or in other media is called plagiarism and is illegal and NOT OK. How To Copy Other Art and Stay Safe from the Law … Read more

Is Dall-e Good at Painting Pitta Birds? | ArtDayJob

Well, we were looking at Dall-e this morning and trying to get a decent bird painting from it. We told it to paint an impressionist painting of a Hooded Pitta bird flying in the rainforest and got 4 samples. None was great, we thought the colors were over-dramatized (bright, garish). We told to tone them … Read more