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Well, we were looking at Dall-e this morning and trying to get a decent bird painting from it. We told it to paint an impressionist painting of a Hooded Pitta bird flying in the rainforest and got 4 samples. None was great, we thought the colors were over-dramatized (bright, garish). We told to tone them down and still got super bright colors. Oh well!

Will AI Art Take Over the World?

Dall-e Artificial Intelligence Creates Pitta Birds

Super-saturated and detailless Hooded Pitta painting by Dall-e.
Super-saturated and detailless Hooded Pitta painting by Dall-e. Not impressed!

Then we asked for the same style of painting for Gurney’s Pitta. This is a nearly extinct bird, and supposedly gone from Thailand already. We think there are some sightings at a Thailand National Park in Krabi still, but not sure. Here’s what we got.

An attemplt by Dall-e AI to create Gurney's Pitta flying through the rainforest. The colors are completely wrong.
Definitely NOT Gurney’s Pitta.

Unfortunately, Gurney’s pitta has blue only on the head and tail. Dall-e seemed to insist – even after correcting it, that Gurney’s pittas had bright blue wings. For some reason it may have been affected by our previous request for the Hooded Pitta which has greenish wings primarily. Not sure!

Finally, I did a new prompt and got a better result. This looks vaguely like a Gurney’s Pitta flying through the rainforest!

A Gurney's Pitta bird in flight in this impressionist painting created by AI.
A Gurney’s Pitta bird in flight in this impressionist painting created by AI. This was as good as it got, which is not saying much. However, add some detail and it could be quite good.

Further Revisions with Dall-e for the Gurney’s Pitta

I tried over and over, using up my credits, to get Dall-e to create more detail in this painting but I got no improvement. Finally, in desperation I asked it to create a watercolor painting with this prompt: “A watercolor drawing with bright colors of a Gurney’s Pitta flying through the rainforest. I do NOT want any tree directly behind the bird, but green leaves are fine.” Here’s what I got.

Dall-e's attempt at Gurney's Pitta in watercolor looks absolutely nothing like the real bird. Colors are all wrong.
Is THIS Gurney’s Pitta? No, no it isn’t. Not by a long shot. It looks NOTHING like that bird. I give up.

Will AI Art Takeover Artists Jobs? Revolutionize the Art World?

In a way, yes for sure AI is going to change the art world forever. Honestly, I hope there are some restrictions put on it so they don’t push people out of the career field. This last render of the Gurney’s PItta is pretty OK and I could almost see it selling as art with a lot more detail in the image. The AI is probably capable of really adding detail but I didn’t push it yet. I dont have enough credits to keep doing these.

Is Dall-e going to take over any jobs in the art world today? Probably not.

What about in a year? 3 years?

It could probably get very good in 3 years if allowed to. I really hope some firm barriers are put in place that prohibit it from taking away creative jobs that artists and writers have.

What Should Artists Do About Dall-e?

We need to make our fears known about AI taking over much of what we do. Or, it will be gone before we know it. At the moment there has never been a greater awareness of the art that we make and buyers seem to be everywhere.

Finally, people from anywhere in the world can buy art from anywhere in the world. This has opened up the whole field tremendously. Saatchi and Etsy are two huge reasons for this. If you’re not selling there, you should be! Buyers and sellers can easily get together and there is certainly more art sold today than at any other time in the history of mankind. 100%.

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