Should Children Choose Art as a Career in 2024?

We have a 14 year old. She has really taken to painting, drawing on paper with pencil, pen, or markers, and using the iPad drawing programs. She’s quite good and wants to choose art as her career that she does for the rest of her life.

Should we encourage her in art based on the inevitable nuclear explosion occuring in art by Chat GPT, Gemini, Dall-e, and other artificial intelligence?

Is It Wise for Parents to Encourage their Children to Pursue Art as a Career?

Is art only ever going to be a hobby for anyone who is considering it as a future source of income?

Despite the rise of AI in the art world, it may still be wise for parents to encourage their children to pursue art if they show a passion and talent for it. Art isn’t just about creating products, it’s also about expressing oneself, exploring creativity, and contributing to culture and society.

While AI can produce art, it can’t duplicate the human experience and the emotional depth that human artists bring to their work.

Can it? How do we know there is depth behind a painting by Francis Bacon, for instance? The color? the distortions? The choice of brushes? The darkness of the painting?

AI can do all of that in digital format already. I’m sure someone has already programmed a robot artist to hold a brush and paint like some of the greats.

I think in the very near future, if not today – this moment – we can put two pieces of noir art side by side, one by an artist who painted with feeling, meaning, and depth and the other by an AI with none of that.

Whomever is observing won’t be able to tell which is which.

A girl in striped sweater drawn on ProCreate by Mali Lovic. © 2024 Mali Lovic
Our daughter is really enjoying drawing/painting on the iPad with ProCreate and other drawing programs. Should we insist she find another hobby? © Mali Lovic.

Why SHOULD Parents Encourage Kids in Art as a Hobby and Career?

  1. Creative Expression. Art is one incredible way for a child to show themselves through the expression of their art. It allows emotional release from demons that plague. It can be vital for mental health and well being.
  2. Unique Human Touch. AI can mimic styles and techniques, but will it lack the unique perspective and emotional connection that human artists provide? This remains to be seen. The AI could also make up some description of what went into the painting better than any learned and emotionally expressive artist!
  3. Evolving Opportunities. New AI technology will create new opportunities. It will be up to the artist to see them for what they are – a way to improve their art or add another dimension to it. Already, artists are integrating AI into their work, creating unique art or collaborations that were not possible before AI.
  4. Cultural Importance. Art has been a crucial part of cultural heritage and human identity since we drew on cave walls. Encouraging children to pursue art helps to keep culture/tradition alive.

Why SHOULDN’T Parents Push Kids Toward Art as a Hobby/Career?

  1. Money May Not Be There. The art market can be unpredictable, and with AI’s ability to produce art, there may be more competition and less demand for human-created works. What the art world needs is restrictions on creating art, to be honest. Art should be restricted to human artists only. Like Music. Like any art endeavor.
  2. These Times, They Are a Changin’. The traditional paths for artists might dry up. In the future it will require great changes and adaptability to adjust to what AI is doing and what regulatory bodies are allowing it to do. There’s a real possibility that all digital and print art will be created by AI. We already see it happening, don’t we?
  3. Unsteady Income. It’s already tough for many artists to earn a stable income with their art. With more competition, it could saturate the market and push human artists out. AI-generated-art will not only be faster, cheaper, on par with human abilities, but it will be available to anyone anytime they choose to create some. We can already do it now to some degree.

The Threat AI Poses for Young Artists

AI can create art quickly and at a lower cost, which might appeal to some buyers and industries looking to cut costs. This could reduce the demand for human artists, particularly in commercial fields like advertising, design, and even gallery art. I’m still undecided whether the human element in art – like storytelling, personal touch, and emotional depth – is something AI can replicate.

What do you think?

Will the Number of Artists Across the Globe Plummet After AI Masters the Art World?

It’s highly likely that the number of artists will drop substantially as the art world changes dramatically as we’ve already seen begin.

Many artists will adapt by incorporating AI into their process, finding new ways to stand out, or shifting towards niches that emphasize human creativity and connection. Some see the value of human-made art increasing as it becomes more rare. I don’t see that for print art (2-dimensional) art, but it could happen I guess for 3-D art.

Ethical Questions About AI in Art

Should AI Be Able to Create Art?

This is a complex question. On one hand, AI art can push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. On the other hand, it raises concerns about originality, authorship, and the essence of what it means to be an artist.

Should Companies Train AI on Artists’ Work Without Consent?

Do you think that AI using artists’ work without consent or compensation is unethical?

I do. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I look into it, the more I think that the potential for AI to complete disrupt and destroy the art world for humans is too much. AI will take over so much of what humans DO FOR FUN. Do for self-esteem. Do for self-expression. Do for income and supporting our families.

AI produced art will undermin the rights of artists and devalue their work. There’s a growing call for legislation to protect artists.

I strongly suggest you get behind some of it and make sure it passes. We are under threat. We are literally going away if AI is allowed to run unchecked.

Wrapping It Up

Encouraging children to pursue art remains valuable despite AI’s presence in the art world. The role of human artists is evolving out of necessity, and there are ethical and economic challenges to address with this new technology.

Some feel that the unique qualities of human creativity and expression are irreplaceable. Artists will need adaptability, advocacy for artists’ rights, and a commitment to pursue art regardless of whether it can be the primary income source.

Art isn’t just about the final product, is it?

It’s about the journey, process, and the goals are often secondary. Just like dancing. You don’t dance to reach the end of the dance. You don’t do art to reach the end, the process counts so much.

AI might be a part of that story, but it can never replace the heart and soul of human creativity.

ChatGPT 4o gave me that last sentence.

What do you think? I think it’s a lie. I think they are going to do everything they can to secure as many rights as possible for AI. I think big companies already rule the world, this will be an exacerbation of that, leading to a world that is not at all for the better.

“A theme that appears repeatedly in the writings of the social critics of the second half of the 20th century is the sense of purposelessness that afflicts many people in modern society.”

Theodore K.

I’d tell you who said it, but I don’t want to get this post blocked by anyone. Look up the quote if you’re serious. The guy was very against technology and the way the world was beginning to go. He made a stand. Unfortunately it was about the worst way possible to convince the world where all this is going.

Now? We’re here. In the midst of it.

Is technology a good thing for artists? Should you continue to encourage your child in art as a hobby or lifelong pursuit?