New Style Digital Artwork from Teen Artist – Mali Lovic

My daughter, Mali Lovic, is often found working on one of the digital art creation tools on her iPad Pro. I asked her yesterday if she had anything to share and she sent me this one. I was a bit surprised because it doesn’t have near the level of detail that she typically adds to her paintings.

She has created dozens of pieces with finite detail and maybe now she is swinging the other way and going with less details for a while. Interesting! She is also combining styles in her own unique blend which is nice to see as she evolves as an artist.

I shared it with an art-critic friend to see what she had to say about this new digital Manga/Anime painting from my daughter. Here’s what she said.

This piece of art has a distinct style that blends several elements typical of modern digital illustration and contemporary manga-inspired art. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what she saw in this piece.

Manga and Anime Influence

The character’s large, expressive eyes are a hallmark of manga and anime art styles. This style often emphasizes the eyes to convey emotion and personality. The thin, delicate lines used for the nose and mouth also reflect this influence.

Key Elements of Manga Style

  • Large, Expressive Eyes – Used to convey emotions.
  • Panel Layouts – Varied and dynamic, guiding the reader through the story.
  • Storytelling Techniques – Combines visual and textual elements in a unique narrative form.
  • Genres and Themes – Encompass a wide range of topics, appealing to different age groups and interests.

The evolution of manga from early Japanese art forms to a globally recognized and influential style showcases the adaptability and creativity of Japanese artists over the centuries.

Today, artists involved in this style are creating new art from it, blending styles like Anime and realism to enhance their paintings and drawings, creating entirely new categories of art. I’ll ask my daughter later if she wants to put a name to her style.

Key Elements of Anime Style Art

  • Expressive Eyes – Anime style typically includes large, detailed, and highly expressive to convey a wide range of emotions.
  • Stylized Hair – Dramatic styles with vibrant, often unnatural colors that enhance character uniqueness.
  • Simplified Facial Expressions – Exaggerated and minimalistic to quickly convey emotions, with small, simplified mouths.
  • Dynamic Poses and Action – Exaggerated and fluid movements to depict action and excitement.
  • Vibrant Colors and Simple Shading – Bold colors and straightforward shading techniques to add depth and dimension.
  • Clean Line Work – Bold and varied line thickness to emphasize different aspects of the drawing, with detailed clothing and accessories.
  • Detailed Backgrounds – Ranging from realistic to stylized, often incorporating fantastical or futuristic elements.
  • Cultural References and Archetypes – Anime style blends Japanese cultural elements and easily recognizable character archetypes.

Digital Illustration

The clean lines and smooth shading suggest the use of digital tools. Digital illustration allows for a polished look with precise line work and the ability to experiment with colors and textures more freely than traditional media.

My daughter prefers working with digital tools like the iPad Pro M1 and various applications. There are great advantages to using a digital platform to create your art. If you haven’t already, have a look at the iPad and see what’s possible. You’ll be surprised at how many excellent artists use them as their go to creation tool.

Semi-Realistic Elements

While the overall style leans towards manga, the proportions and details show a semi-realistic approach. The slightly more naturalistic portrayal of the face and hands indicates an influence from more realistic art forms, blended with the exaggerated features typical of manga.

You can see this in the hands, the extra details in the girl’s nose, and the general position of the girl figure which is not exageratted or odd, she looks naturally positioned there as if taking a selfie of herself in a mirror.

Soft, Pastel Color Palette

The use of soft, pastel colors adds a gentle and appealing aesthetic to the piece. This choice of colors is common in contemporary illustrations aimed at a wide audience, creating a soothing and inviting visual experience.

Expressive and Unique Style

The artist’s personal touch is evident in the unique combination of these elements. The specific way the eyes are drawn, the texture of the hair, and the overall composition reflect an individual style that sets this work apart from more conventional manga art.

In this painting, it seems as if the artist puts emphasis on the hair, eyes, and lip elements. Is it obvious she’s a teenage girl creating the drawing?

Modern and Trendy Clothing

The striped sweater and overall fashion sense of the character point towards a modern, relatable look, often seen in contemporary illustrations that aim to connect with a younger audience.

This blend of influences and techniques in this vivid piece creates a distinctive look that stands out while remaining familiar to fans of both manga and digital illustration. It’s a wonderful example of how different styles can be merged to create something unique and expressive.

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